Hosting L2 is something, as a school head, I have wanted to do for a long time. L2 attracts educators who are interested in challenging the status quo, who are committed to their own learning and are willing to take risks. To have hundreds of forward thinking educators on our campus engaging with dozens of our teachers and staff was incredibly positive. I would also add that I have not attended a recruitment fair in a number of years as I would rather spend my time out of school at events like L2 where I can challenge myself professionally and also connect with amazing educators who one day might be wanting to work at a school like NIST. I would host the event every year if they let us!”

– James MacDonald, Head of School, NIST International School, Learning2 Asia 2014 Host School

“Hosting L2 here at our school helped “put us on the map” for technology in Africa as well. We hired one person at the conference, and a couple of others later who applied to us because they knew we had hosted. It can be a big boost for a community in many ways.”

– Jim Laney, Head of School,  ICS Addis Ababa, First Learning2 Africa 2014 Host School

“Hosting L2 had a tremendously positive impact on our school. it provided a focus for our efforts, it unified our thinking, and in the end it improved the learning provision for our students. Organising a conference the size of L2 is no easy task and we could not have done it successfully without the support from the L2 Advisory. In the months leading up to the event our staff were engrossed in the project and this shared goal helped to anchor our attention and developed genuine esprit de corps. During the struggles and challenges our staff morale and spirits had never been higher. The conversations at L2 are always rich and challenging and for us as the host school they continued on long after the event had ended. This led to a refinement of thought and we saw many meaningful changes to our practice and ultimately improvements in our students’ learning across the school. Weighing the costs against the impact … would host it again in a heartbeat.”

– James Dalziel, Head of East Campus, United World College of South East Asia, Learning2 Asia 2013 Host School