From Zero to Hero: Mastering Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Vehicles

Whole School

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence at our interactive workshop, “From Zero to Hero: Mastering Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Vehicles”. This dynamic session is designed to transform educators into champions of AI-driven technology. Dive into the exciting realm of Reinforcement Learning (RL) as you train your very own models and compete for the prestigious title of L2 DeepRacer Champion! Participants will not only learn to master the intricacies of RL but will also actively engage in both virtual and physical races using their trained models. The workshop includes a deep dive into integrating the AWS DeepRacer platform into educational curriculums and provides actionable strategies for establishing and maintaining vibrant extracurricular DeepRacer clubs.

Session Goals:

  • Demystify Reinforcement Learning: Start from the basics and understand the fundamental concepts of RL.
  • Hands-On Training: Train your first RL model using the engaging AWS DeepRacer platform.
  • Dual Racing Experience: Compete in adrenaline-pumping virtual simulations and exhilarating real-world races on a physical track. 
  • Curricular Integration: Learn effective methods to incorporate DeepRacer projects into existing curricula.
  • Club Development: Gain insights on creating and sustaining an extracurricular DeepRacer club that keeps students engaged and excited about AI and robotics.

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand the principles of Reinforcement Learning.
  • Implement basic Reinforcement Learning algorithms.
  • Train a Reinforcement Learning model using AWS DeepRacer.
  • Compete in virtual races within the DeepRacer simulator.
  • Transfer trained models to a physical track for real-world testing and competition.
  • Analyze and iterate on model performance to improve race results.
  • Integrate DeepRacer into the educational curriculum effectively.
  • Develop strategies for sustaining and growing extracurricular DeepRacer clubs.

Yosef Karasik:

Yosef holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MA in Education. He is an experienced teacher of Mathematics, Computer Science, and STEM at Dulwich College Beijing (DCB). Yosef leads an innovative team of technology coaches who support integrating educational technology and digital citizenship across the college. Passionate about experimenting and innovating with technology, Yosef constantly seeks new ways to design collaborative learning experiences that make learning real and impactful for students. Outside the classroom, he loves coaching girls’ basketball and spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.