Leveraging Inclusive Frameworks to Empower Agency in the Classroom

Whole School 

This workshop will focus on educational approaches designed to empower students by providing a flexible and inclusive learning environment that accommodates diverse learning preferences and levels. Components we will explore include self-paced learning, blended learning modalities, and adaptive content delivery to ensure each student has agency in their education. Participants will engage themselves as learners in these frameworks and have the opportunity to design learning experiences for their individual contexts.

Victoria Rojas :

Victoria Rojas is a High School Humanities teacher at the International School of Zug and Luzern. This is Victoria’s eleventh year in the classroom, the first six of which she spent in her hometown of Mission, Texas at a Title 1 high school. Born and raised on the Texas-Mexico border has given her a unique perspective leading her to be a passionate advocate for inclusionary teaching practices, as well as Ethnic Studies education. Through a grass-roots movement, Victoria co-authored the curriculum for Mexican American Studies which continues to be used throughout Texas. She still supports literacy initiatives at home.