Building Authentic Belonging for LGBTQ+ Learners

Whole School 

This deep dive will focus on strategies that build belonging for LGBTQ+ students, especially our gender-diverse students. We will explore a personalized approach that factors in: parental/caretaker support, curricula, and the role of student leadership. This will be a hands-on workshop where we co-create actionable next steps. Are you ready to… gain more knowledge about LGBTQ+ identities, including updated terms and definitions? better understand the realities of the risks that our gender and sexual minority students face? develop programs to support LGBTQ+ students, such as gender and sexuality alliances (GSAs)? learn how to implement transgender inclusion policies? design curricular resources that are inclusive of LGBTQ+-related topics? structure parent education and support? Join us for a transformational opportunity to leverage your insight in order to build authentic belonging.

Bio Shannon Leoni:

SHANNON LEONI (she/her) is a high school counselor at International School Bangkok (ISB). She is the facilitator of the High School Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) as well as the creator of Rainbow Connection, an LGBTQ+ support and conversation group for ISB high school students. Shannon is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked as an international school counselor for 9 years. She has led several workshops and training focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion, intersectionality, and allyship for various organizations around the world, such as ISCA, ECIS, CTC, EARCOS, SEASCN, and The Fulbright Commission. Shannon identifies as queer and cisgender.

Bio Ange Molony:

ANGE MOLONY (she/her) is a secondary school Vice Principal currently working at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Ange has almost 20 years of experience in international education starting as a secondary school mathematics teacher and then moving into leadership roles where she has shared her passion and knowledge around technology integration, instructional coaching, curriculum design, identity-centered learning, and school well-being. Ange is committed to creating school spaces that are designed for belonging. Ange identifies as queer and cisgender.