Coding, Computational Thinking, and Design Across the Curriculum: Uncovering the Why, How, and Where

Whole School 

Have you noticed how engaged students are when they are designing or building something and wished you could harness that energy in your subject area? Uncover the WHY, HOW, and WHERE of integrating essential skills like coding, computational thinking, and design across various subject areas in middle and high school. Led by seasoned educator Ron Schildge, collaborating with teachers from ‘non-tech’ subject areas, this workshop goes beyond the ‘what’ and dives into the ‘why’ of incorporating these skills. Participants will explore concrete strategies and ‘crossover’ tools designed to seamlessly blend with existing curriculum standards. Delve into the critical importance of equipping students with these skills, not only for future career prospects but also for enhancing problem-solving abilities and fostering creativity. Learn how to link computational thinking concepts to subject-specific standards, ensuring that students grasp the practical application of these skills within their academic journey. Gain practical insights on how to make coding and computational thinking an integral part of lessons, without it feeling like a forced add-on. Discover tools and platforms that naturally integrate into various subjects, providing students with a well-rounded education. Participants will explore ‘crossover’ technologies that authentically belong in diverse curriculum areas. By the end of this workshop, participants will leave with a toolkit of adaptable strategies and resources to seamlessly integrate coding, computational thinking, and design across subjects, enriching the educational experience for students and preparing them for a future driven by technology and innovation.

Ronald Schildge :

Ron Schildge is an accomplished and forward-thinking educational leader with a over two decade of leadership in independent schools. Currently based at the American School of Paris, Ron shaped and supported the Middle and Upper School programs while driving transformational teaching and learning. His experience includes a prominent role leading the K-12 Innovation & Design Department where he spearheaded the development and implementation of a school-wide STEM program. Ron also helped lead the creation of the MS FabLab and Design Collaboratory, providing students with cutting-edge learning environments. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in facilitating the effective integration of ISTE standards in teaching, learning, and assessment, ensuring a holistic educational experience for students. Beyond his role in Innovation & Design, Ron has served as the Department Head for Math & Computer Science. He’s offered a diverse range of courses, including AP and IB Computer Science, Honors Geometry, and specialized coding classes.