Make to Learn! How Integrating Making and Robotics can Amplify Learning

Whole School 

How can I bring STEAM skills into my classroom? What can real integration of robotics and coding look like? What easy tools are out there to make it possible?  Join us for a day to explore authentic integration of making, robotics, coding into any classroom. This will be a day to learn by doing so come ready to play and learn. Participants will get the opportunity to attend specific hands-on workshops with experts and also collaborate together on a project. We will also have time to share and learn from one another. This promises to be a productive and fun filled day!

Explore the design process and the value of learning to make and making to learn by creating a micro:bit-powered Hummingbird robot

Together we will find opportunities to integrate design thinking, making and robotis into your curriculum. So often these are seen as separate from the learning in classrooms. We’ll investigate opportunities and have time to explore some amazing tools that make this accessible and also powerful for students. Participants will explore lights, sensors and motors, learning the basic functions of the Hummingbird components. We will then engage in a design challenge using the Hummingbird kits to create a solution to a problem. We will learn basic coding skills drag-and-drop blocks of code that are accessible for beginning programmers. Participants will walk away with ideas to implement in the classroom and have created something using the tools we’ll have onsite.

Exploring STEM with Micro:bits and Vehicle Robots

Join us for an interactive professional development session where you’ll discover how to integrate Micro:bits and vehicle robots into your classroom to engage students in hands-on STEM learning experiences.

Escape into Innovation – BBC Micro:bit Escape Room Workshop for Teachers

Dive into a world of interactive learning at our Escape Room workshop, specially designed for educators to master the BBC micro:bit through an engaging, gamified. challenge. This hands-on session equips teachers with the skills to use this compact computer and its accessories effectively. Participants will form teams to decode puzzles and execute tasks, gaining insights into coding, electronics, and computational thinking.