Data Smart: Transforming Questions into Insights and Actions

Elementary, Middle & High School 

Using data is about much more than numbers. It allows us to know our students deeply, to challenge our internal biases, to make targeted interventions, and to grow as teachers and learners. This workshop will explore the what, why and how of effective data use. We will see how dashboards can be used to support formative assessment, how flow charts can be used to clarify thinking processes, and how collaboration protocols can create safe spaces for reflection on data.

Paul Swanson :

Paul began as Director of Digital Learning at Stamford in 2019 after working for six years as MS/HS Tech Coordinator at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. Paul has lived, worked and studied in Ghana, Nepal, Brazil, India, Japan, and Vietnam, but he grew up in Boston. He met his wife, Melissa, in Vietnam where they had their daughters Hazel and Maya.