Women in Leadership: Standing Strong

Whole School Aspiring Leaders

This session targets women who might be in leadership positions, anywhere in their school. We know anyone can be a leader- a title is not always necessary! If you are a leader of learning in your grade level, or perhaps you lead your team as a Middle Leader at your school, if you lead a content /subject area, or are a coordinator or Head of Department, you might find this session useful. The time we spend together will be a mixture of reflection into the identity, beliefs and values of women leaders and women of colour and will also look closely at the skills and competencies women in leadership require to stand strong and true to who they are. The session will be structured so that participants have multiple opportunities to connect with each other and process the material. They will engage with the literature to deepen their thinking and the session will end with some time to create an action plan going forward.

Session Goals:

Sharing both content and strategies for participants to dig into who they are as women leaders so that they can lead with courage and determination is one of the major goals of this workshop.

Bio Nitasha Crishna:

Nitasha (she/her) has been in education for 21 years- and in international education for the majority of that time. She has lived and worked in International schools in 3 different countries- London, England, Mumbai, India and Hanoi, Vietnam. This is her tenth year as an Administrator and she currently serves as Deputy Principal in the Elementary school at UNIS Hanoi. As a woman of colour in leadership, it has often been a lonely place for her and for the majority of her career she has been the only one like her in leadership circles. Honing her craft, understanding what drives her, articulating who she is and standing true to what she believes has been essential to her success.