TechTales: Unleashing AI for Engaging Education

Whole School 

Stories have the power to change us. Come dive deeply into the transformative power of storytelling in education, emphasizing the importance of connecting learning to real-world experiences. Participants will learn how to use AI tools, including ChatGPT, to develop compelling narratives and integrate them effectively into their teaching practices to foster engagement, understanding, and application of concepts. Part of the session will involve teachers taking a lesson plan that they already use, and then use AI as a thought partner to enhance the lesson by integrating a story that elevates the engagement in an expressive and interactive way. The aim is to also explore strategies for overcoming challenges inherent in storytelling, such as reliability, validity, and bias. This session is practical and hands-on with the aim of teachers walking away with something they can implement stright away!

Michal Valente:

Michal is an innovative IBDP Science Teacher and the Science Learning Leader at Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain. With a diverse teaching background that spans the Alberta, Canada Education system and the British school system in London, UK, Michal brings a multicultural and inclusive approach to education, ardently integrating DEIJ practices into teaching and curricular materials. Passionate about leveraging technology and AI in education, Michal has been a trailblazer in utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT to enrich learning experiences through contextualized storytelling. Committed to empowering both educators and learners, Michal provides effective tools and strategies to make learning more relevant, engaging, and impactful.