Time to Unleash Student Potential

Elementary & Middle School

In this session, we will explore the concept of Unleashing the Potential in all our students. This is a time in our schedule that we call Uptime in Primary School and SMART in Secondary School. This approach to teaching and learning allows students to pursue their own interests while developing and refining their skills in a Guided Inquiry setting. In the session, we will discuss how to develop systems and structures in schools that can help to support this process. We will highlight the benefits of UPtime and SMART including increased student engagement, motivation, and creativity. We will use and uncover meta-cognitive strategies, used during UPtime that develops students in all their learning and as learners. We will gather and sort differentiated (for students and teachers) resources that are used in implementing Uptime and SMART in schools. Attendees will leave with strategies on how to introduce and implement UPtime into their classrooms, teams and school.

Bio Joel Bevans:

Joel is a creative educator who is consistently looking for innovative ways to enrich and deepen the learning experiences, within education. Getting our school communities to critically think, to be able to connect with others, collaborate and create is of paramount importance when designing learning opportunities that can make a difference in our hyper-connected world. With over 15 years of teaching experience across 4 countries (UK, Luxembourg, Panama & Singapore) Joel brings a wealth of experience in developing systems and structures that support all members of the community in unleashing their potential.