People-Powered Strategy: Reimagining Problems of Practice Through Human-Centered Design

Highschool – Curriculum Leaders – Tech Coaches – Integrators – School Leaders

Discover the power of Human-Centered Design (HCD) in educational systems. This session explores how HCD, a strategy widely utilized in corporate settings, is transforming K-12 education by focusing on human needs and behaviors at the core of our schools. Learn about its collaborative and iterative process, which involves educators, students, and stakeholders in action-oriented decision-making. Understand how HCD facilitates equitable solutions, especially for those typically less involved — such as introverts, students with learning disabilities, support staff or substitute teachers— bringing to light unique perspectives that contribute to more holistic solutions. Additionally, we’ll delve into the ever-evolving potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in optimizing this iterative process. Discover how GenAI can enhance HCD by providing advanced data-driven insights, accelerating the design cycle, and offering innovative solutions to complex educational challenges. Ideal for educators and school leaders, this session offers tools for creative problem-solving and innovation, equipping participants to effect positive change in their educational environments. Join us on this compelling journey into the future of education.

Gitane Reveilleau:

Gitane Reveilleau is an Educational Technology leader and facilitator with over two decades dedicated to serving, upskilling, and supporting colleagues to meet professional and personal learning goals. Having worked at international schools in Brazil, Thailand, India and Romania, Gitane has gained a deep appreciation for multiculturalism and recognizes the importance of prioritizing user experience. Through a winding professional path that included a stint in the corporate sector and multiple opportunities to deliver communication strategies to different employers, Gitane is also a lifelong visual storyteller with an unwavering passion for photography, graphic/web design, and communications.