How Does This Work?- Playing & Inquiring with Code

Elementary School

Coding. Where do you start? Come and explore coding skills and applications through play. You’ll explore coding unplugged experiences, engage in user-friendly coding apps and play with robots to get you inspired. You’ll feel empowered to try out coding experiences in your classroom and explore possibilities for connecting coding experiences to Maths, Literacy, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Cheryl Terry :

Cheryl Terry is a Digital Literacy and Innovation Coach in the Elementary School at NIST International School in Bangkok. She has 19 years of experience working in international schools in Thailand, China, Belgium, and Hong Kong. After 20 years of classroom experience, she is now working to support innovation in schools. Cheryl is passionate about using technology to transform learning, as well as developing Computer Science experiences. She has led workshops and given presentations on ‘Creating Self-Directed Learners’, ‘Metacognition and Mindfulness’, ‘Transforming Learning Through Technology’, ‘Creating Digital Portfolios’, ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’, ‘Leading and Sustaining Innovation in Schools’ and ‘It’s Not Rocket Science! Exploring Computer Science Experiences in the Elementary School,’ as well as co-teaching Cognitive Coaching workshops.



Michael Palagi  :

Michael Palagi loves collaborating and learning about topics such as Play, STEM, Inquiry, and Word Inquiry. He is passionate about play both in and out of the classroom by helping to make learning authentic, meaningful, and applicable for his class community. He has his Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, and Masters of Ed. in Reading. He has taught in Germany, Japan and is now living in Thailand. He has also spent two summers volunteering at schools in Myanmar and Kenya to support local teachers and students. He believes in the power of sharing our past experiences, and understands how unique learning can be. We are all on a learning journey, and he enjoys sharing the learning that has brought him to where is now, and excited to see where he ends up!