PreConference Europe 2025

THURSDAY 20. March 2025 as stand alone or additional day 

Escalating an Event for Robotic Awesomeness

Whole School

Engage in experiencing how to organise robotic-themed events where students of all ages and parents are invited to interact with the creations by students. How can teachers of design, robotics, or programming create interesting events at their school. Discussions around how to best use the design cycle for such an event, or how to best involve the community will have people leaving the session feeling inspired and ready to organise their own event. The building of robots within the session, serves as an example of how to create incredibly engaging objects as a basis for your robotics events.

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Ringo Dingrando

Basel International School 
Robotics and Physics Teacher, Robotics Club Coach

Growing Stronger Together - Coaching and Mentoring in Action

Whole School - Coaches, Middle Leaders

Coaches and middle leaders in schools are committed to facilitating and supporting the growth of the educators they serve. Finding time to learn, reflect, and grow as a coach/leader can be challenging, particularly if you are a lone coach/leader in your school or section. In this session, participants will take a deep dive into theories and research that underpin coaching and mentoring, and their relationship to adult learning. They will gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of this trifecta and explore how they connect to everyday coaching and mentoring practices. The participants will engage in protocols designed for reflective thinking and begin to imagine what might be next in their own learning journey. This is an opportunity for coaches and middle leaders to learn together, reflect together, and coach each other to build a stronger future. Better together.

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Sarah Hodgson

American International School of Bucharest
Digital Learning Coach

Top Chef Sustainable Restaurant Showcase: Using Systems-Thinking Tools for Project-Based Learning

Middle & High School


Find out how to use Compass Education’s “Sustainability Compass” tool to explore “systems thinking” and define what makes a restaurant “sustainable.” Using highlights from professional “chef-testants” to share their ideas for “Top Chef Restaurant Wars”, Conference participants will compete to win the Sustainable Restaurant Showcase.

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Alexandra Mazarakis

International School Basel
Senior School English Teacher

Elizabeth Triggs

International School Basel
Senior School English Teacher