PreConference Asia 2024

THURSDAY 21. NOVEMBER 2024 as stand alone or additional day 

From Zero to Hero: Mastering Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Vehicles

Whole School

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence at our interactive workshop, “From Zero to Hero: Mastering Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Vehicles”. This dynamic session is designed to transform educators into champions of AI-driven technology. Dive into the exciting realm of Reinforcement Learning (RL) as you train your very own models and compete for the prestigious title of L2 DeepRacer Champion!

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Yosef Karasik

Dulwich College Beijing
Director of EdTech and Innovation

What if? Thinking Creatively to Shift Traditional Education Models

Whole School

Designed to provoke educators and leaders to discuss, debate and wonder “What if?” and take time to re-imagine and plan for the future of education. It has been 14 years since the late Sir Ken Robinson inspired us to change education and move from traditional education models to those that honoured the students, creativity and thinking.

Surely it is time to honour our learners and pause to consider what education looks like, sounds like and feels like, in their context and for their future.

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Tania Mansfield

American International School of Guangzhou
Director of Teaching and Learning

Cultivating Wellbeing, Belonging, and Meaningful Relationships Across School Communities

Whole School

This comprehensive workshop explores the interconnectedness of safeguarding, wellbeing, and relationship-building within the context of international education in the host country. Using China as a host country example, by reflecting on the “Are you OK?” approach to safeguarding and its impact on caseload, culture, and communities, particularly in the Chinese context, participants will gain insights into effective safeguarding practices tailored to the unique cultural and societal influences in China. The session will also delve into strategies for fostering a sense of belonging within local Chinese educational environments and emphasize the importance of forming deep, meaningful relationships with Chinese host country nationals.

Through holistic approaches, educators working in China will be better equipped to create supportive, inclusive communities that prioritize the wellbeing and safety of all individuals while navigating the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the Chinese cultural context.

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Melody Chen 陈薇颖

Guangzhou SCA School 广州新侨学校
Student Development coordinator学生发展协调员

You Chen

Western Academy of Beijing  京西学校
Lab Tech & Whole School IDEAS Staff Lead

Amy Liu

Guangzhou SCA School 广州新侨学校
English Teacher & Teacher Librarian

Natasha Dennis

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
Director of Student Services (Whole School) and Child Protection Officer