Airport Information:

  • There are 2 airports in Shanghai:
    • Pudong (PVG)
    • Hongqiao (SHA)

    Pudong Airport is located about 90 minutes from Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Campus, and Hongqiao Airport about 40 minutes. Hongqiao is also the Hub for Speed Trains with the Hongqiao Railway Station. There are taxi lines right outside the airports & train stations. Both airports are also connected to the Public Transportation System.

    We recommend you to arrive at Hongqiao airport if you have the choice. Hongqiao Airport very close to the Conference Hotel. 

    If you wish to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, ensure you take a licensed taxi from the taxi rank or pre-book a car using an app such as Didi.


The Chinese RMB (or Yuan, also known as CNY) is China’s currency. The exchange rate is approximately 7.22 RMB to the US Dollar, or 7.84  RMB to the Euro. China is relatively affordable for dining out or taking taxis in comparison to Western countries, but Shanghai’s prices can get pretty similar to big western cities.

Exchange Options:

Money exchange services are readily available upon arrival in the airport.

Credit Card/ATM:

ATMs are generally fairly easy to find in most areas of Shanghai. At any given time, there should be an average of 3 ATMs within a 5 minute walking radius. There is also an ATM available in the hotel. Foreign credits are generally accepted in the city centre especially Visa and Mastercard. Cards like American Express are a little more risky. 

The most common method of payment in Shanghai is mobile payment, either through WeChat or Alipay. Alipay can be downloaded from the app store and travelers can attach foreign cards to their payment wallet, although this is not always 100% reliable.


Please be aware that certain internet restrictions apply within China.

Public wi-fi is generally available but may require a mobile number to access, so you should ensure that you have roaming enabled if you are not buying a local SIM. 

SIM Cards

If you need/want a SIM card, please purchase at the airport on arrival; HOWEVER, please note that this is not an easy process and you will need a passport and need to complete all sorts of paperwork. 

Nihao Mobile may be able to do next-day delivery of a SIM card to your hotel should you need one: 



To be announced soon!


Free Shuttle between Conference Hotel and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Schedule will be published closer to the conference 

Passports and Visa Requirements:

China has added many countries to enter visa free and has made the visa process more streamlined. Please check your specific entry requirements carefully.

Here a useful information on visa free entry if you are eligible

Make sure you arrange your necessary travel documents as soon as possible, as it may take several weeks and a trip to the embassy/consulate to collect your visa, it will very much depend on your passport and location.


Host School & Conference Location

Note that there are two Dulwich College Shanghai campuses. Ensure that your transportation takes you to Puxi!

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

2000 Qian Pu Jing Road,
Maqiao, Minhang District,

+86 21 3329 9398


Google Maps does not work well in China. Either use Apple Map or any local map link
Apple: Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
Google :

Local Transportation Information

Like many big Asian cities, traffic jams are not a rare occurrence, especially during peak hours (from 7.30 to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm), on Friday afternoons, and in case of rain.

To travel to and from the school, we recommend taking the conference shuttle or a taxi. Taxis are relatively inexpensive and very safe. More than 50,000 taxis are serving Shanghai. The fares start at rates of 14 CNY during the day, and 18 CNY at nighttime. Always insist on the meter.

Please keep in mind: Local car-hailing apps such as Didi are commonplace, however note that Uber does not work in China. You should be able to get a taxi from the hotel reception. However, away from the hotel it is rare to see a taxi stand/line in Shanghai, taxis are hailed on the roads. During bad weather taxis can become very scarce. 

Shanghai Subway System

The public transportation system is very well developed in Shanghai, with 16 lines servicing the whole city. 

  • Xinzhuang to People’s Square – 29 minutes, 4 RMB
  • East Xujing to People’s Square- 33 minutes, 4 RMB

A subway ride will be much faster than a taxi during peak hours. People’s Square Station is in the centre of the city, a ten minute walk from the Bund, and South Shaanxi Road is in the middle of the Former French Concession area.

Shanghai Subway :