Extended Sessions Asia 2024





Beyond Basics: Applying AI for Dynamic Educational Outcomes

Middle & High School

This workshop is designed not only to introduce AI technologies but also to provide participants with actionable strategies to implement these tools in ways that enhance educational outcomes.

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David Panford-Quainoo

International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia
DP Physics and MYP Science Teacher


Creating a Thinking Classroom for Language Learners

Whole School

What motivates us to pursue professional growth and become exceptional educators who can easily navigate challenging teaching situations? How can we create genuine and authentic student learning experiences while integrating curriculum standards? 

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Fang Wang

NIST International School, Bangkok
Chinese Language Teacher; IB School Consultant

Accessible, Affordable, Sustainable, Awe Inspired STEAM Learning

Elementary School

A hands-on session delving into the world of low-tech innovation in the Elementary School STEAM lab and Makerspace. Emphasizing constructionist approaches, this workshop will prioritize access, affordability, and sustainability to ignite creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

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Alfredo Papaseit

Taipei American School
Lower School Technology Coach

The Power of Your Belonging Story

Whole School

Belonging is more than just a good intention- it is a basic human need, and yet we find it hard to conceptualize. So much of our work is doing- without taking time to pause and reflect on the individual journeys that got us here. At one point in time, we have all felt different. Like we did not belong. That alone brings us together, Yet, we don’t talk about it. We don’t honor those shared experiences.

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Rachel George

Western Academy of Beijing
Head of MS Counseling/IDEAS Lead

Byte-Sized Learning: Age-Appropriate AI for the Primary Classrooms

Elementary School

Explore AI tools with students in the elementary/primary, using age-appropriate AI tools, such as text to image, image to text and custom chatbots in a safe and ethical way to personalise learning, embrace multilingualism and nurture creativity

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Stephanie Thompson

Nexus International School (Singapore)
Primary Digital Learning Coac

Redesigning Learning: Leveraging Technology to Develop Future-ready Learners

Whole School

Challenge conventional teaching approaches by exploring how technology can be used to create opportunities for students to develop future-ready skills, such as critical thinking. Walk away with tangible ideas and tools that you can immediately implement in your classroom and prepare students for success in an ever-changing world.

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Lee Han Ni

Stamford American International School, Singapore
Digital Learning Coach (Middle School)

Inclusion by Design: Multilingual & Multimodal Approaches to Unit Planning

Whole School

Intentional approaches are essential for enabling all learners (including EAL and multilingual learners) to be successful. Learning should be specifically designed to leverage the assets that linguistically and culturally diverse learners bring to the classroom . Multimodality and multilingualism are keys to unlocking the potential of all learners. 

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Jacob Huckle

Dulwich College Suzhou
Head of Multilingual Learning

Victoria Catherine Walker

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
Y5 Year Group Lead/Primary English Lead