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Virtual opportunities for you to learn socially and share through our Thread Forums. Find the link and sign up options below as well as recordings of each Thread with shared Timestamp Document and Resource Lists. 

L2 Virtual Thread - Taking care of the heart of your school: the evolution of school libraries during COVID-19

Angela Roberts (ASMilan)
Robin Coutras (ASMilan)
Stephen Reiach (ASMilan)

7PM Central Europe Time (Milan)

Librarians, you are invited to join us for our continuing discussion about distance learning, in-person learning, and the role of school librarians during the pandemic.  Reframing the original question ‘How has your library changed, innovated, and evolved for the future?’ this school year.

Guiding questions during the thread:

-How has your approach changed since June? Taking our experiences from the first lockdown with time to regroup over the summer.

-Any systems that were put in place last spring (maybe temporarily) still sticking?  Ones that provide a better, more efficient, future-ready approach?

How can we help each other as librarians?

L2 Virtual Thread - Supporting community well-being during transition times

Carol Jordan (ASWarsaw)
Erin Hawkin (AISBudapest)
Felina Heart (AISBudapest)

L2 Virtual Thread - Taking care of the heart of your school. How can libraries change, innovate and evolve for the future?

Angela Roberts (ASMilan)
Robin Coutras (ASMilan)
Stephen Reiach (ASMilan)

L2 Virtual Thread - Current trends and patterns in international Admissions amid Covid-19

Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini (ISLuxembourg)
David Willows (ISBrussels)
Henriette Rosenkvist (ISLuxembourg)
Laura Schoepfer (ISZug & Luzern)
Tina Herman (ISBeijing)

L2 Virtual Thread - Re-opening Schools and then what happens?

John Mikton(ISLuxembourg)
Chris Vincent (ISZugLuzern)
Will Kirkwood (ZurichIS)
Larry Love  (ASParis)
Kim House (BavarianIS)

L2 Virtual Thread - Re-opening Schools: Challenges and Opportunities in a European Context

John Mikton(ISLuxembourg)
David Walker (ISLuxembourg)
Phil Keech (ISLuxembourg)
Steve Zeims(ISLuxembourg)

L2 Virtual Thread - International School Leadership in Europe in the Age of Coronavirus

John Mikton (ISLuxembourg) 
Barry Dequanne (ISZugLuzern)
Shary Marshall (BavarianIS)
Wayne Rutherford (ASMilan)
Teresa Belisle (ISPrague)
Patricia Angoy (ISLuxembourg) 

L2 Virtual Thread - Digital Differentiation Tools to Amplify Learning

Monica Lynch (ISZugLuzern)
Carol Jordan (ASWarsaw)

L2 Virtual Thread - Parenting in a Distance Learning World (for teachers with kids)

Will Kirkwood (ZurichIS)

To alleviate privacy concerns we are not sharing the recording of this chat publicly. A synopsis can be found on the link below. 

L2 Virtual Thread - Altruism through Machine Learning

Clint Carlson (Istanbul International Community School)

L2 Virtual Thread - Technology Coaches

Kim House (BavarianIS)
Simon May (ASWarsaw)
Stephen Reiach (ASMilan)

L2 Virtual Thread - Art

Elizabeth Perry (ISPrague)
John Mikton (ISLuxenbourg)
Adrienne Dunkerley (ISLausanne)
Dale Ethridge (ISPrague)

L2 Virtual Thread - Math

Jordan Benedict (SAShanghai)
Megan Holmstrom  (Math Speak Global)
Jancey Clark (UWC Maastricht)
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