Participant-Led Workshops Europe 2024

SATURDAY 23. March, 2024

SATURDAY 10:15 -11:15

Conversations that Matter: Facilitating Data-Driven Discussion – Whole School & Leadership
Using Gamification to Promote Soft Skills in the Classroom – Whole School
Implementing Tomorrow’s Tech: Practical Tools Aligned with ISTE Standards – Whole School
Nurturing a Culture of Assessment Agency – Lower School
Feedback Fast and Furious – Middle & Upper School


SATURDAY 13:45 -14:45

Lessons in 3D – From Design to Animation to Augmented Reality! – Upper ES to HS
Collaborating with AI to Foster Deep Thinking in the Classroom – Whole School
Deepening Conversations with Desmos Activity Builder – Upper ES & MS
Learning Lab 5 – Turning the Classroom over to Students – Whole School & Leadership
Getting the Word Out: Giving Student Work an Authentic Audience – Whole School


Lessons in 3D - From Design to Animation to Augmented Reality!

Jane Ross
American Community School, Abu Dhabi

Upper ES to HS

Unpack the world of 3D. Learn how to make your own standing figure which can be exported, animated and augmented. Learn how to design and create your own assets to be used in Augmented Reality using a mixture of different tools.

Learners will experience how to draw in 3D using a free online app and then understand which file type is needed to bring your character to life through animation. These animations can be easily converted for use in Augmented Reality.


Conversations that Matter: Facilitating Data-Driven Discussion

Emma Burns & Piotr Olczak 
Consiliance Learning

Whole School

Join our workshop to empower educators in harnessing the power of data to enhance student success. Discover effective strategies from leading international schools, featured in ‘The LAC Playbook’ as they share insights on fostering a robust data culture. This discussion will highlight strategies and problems of practice from schools where teachers are incorporating data analysis into collaborative inquiry, leveraging familiar structures such as PLCs, peer-led professional learning, and action research to improve teaching and learning. Uncover best practices, overcome challenges, and delve into real case studies that illuminate the path to improved teaching and learning outcomes. Discover Essential Conditions for Building Data Culture and glean actionable insights from schools at the forefront of intentional data culture development.


Getting the Word Out: Giving Student Work an Authentic Audience

Michelle Mugatha
American School of Brasilia

Whole School

We will very briefly discuss the research into authentic audience and assessment and its impact on motivation and engagement, before sharing out a variety of ways to facilitate the sharing of student work beyond the walls of the classroom. The end goal will provide participants strategies and ideas for both assessing student work and celebrating student achievement in a way that empowers them and feels like ‘real life’ for them.

Several technology tools and publication strategies will be shared, from book and newspaper/magazine publication to website creation, just to name a few. 


Collaborating with AI to Foster Deep Thinking in the Classroom


Scott Hall & Niall Highland
International School Basel

Whole School

Enhance understanding of the potential of AI to support deep thinking in the classroom. Identify practical applications of AI tools for fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative expression. As a teacher, how can we develop resources and methods using AI to create better learning experiences for our students?

  • Provide experiences using AI that teachers can use in their practice as a teacher.
  • Share example prompt creation to support understanding of difficult concepts.
  • Look at ways to create exemplars for students to refer to during process.
  • Use AI to create student support resources to help differentiate in the classroom.

Using Gamification to Promote Soft Skills in the Classroom

Adam Klempa
American School of Paris

When building student-centered lessons, it is often assumed that students will be able to engage and navigate the social dynamics and interpersonal skills such as collaboration, self-regulation, and leadership, even if they haven’t been explicitly taught. And all too often, especially around group work, these measurements can end up folded into the gradebook. This session will explore ways to develop these “soft skills” by incentivizing growth through positive feedback-based rewards. Participants will learn how to celebrate students at their current developmental levels, encouraging conversations about improvement, as well as genuinely incentivize high-achieving students to work beyond the curriculum, all without punitively impacting grades or adding “extra work”.

Participants will learn how to use game mechanics to create incentives usable in every lesson, tailored to their specific classrooms, and build a system that positively supports student learning beyond the gradebook. (Device required for the session)

Nurturing a Culture of Assessment Agency

Emily McCaughan & Gail Metcalf
International School Basel

Lower School

This session will explore the development of student skills necessary for lifelong learning by building a school culture where assessment agency can thrive. Teachers and leaders will have the opportunity to find out more about the importance of empowering agency in students to act on and influence their own learning, using assessment to guide them. Participants will leave with research-based strategies for building agency and capacity within students so they can recognise their own growth and set learning goals. There will be the opportunity for educators to reflect on their current practice and to consider where they might go next, with the understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility within a school to build a culture of assessment agency.


Learning Lab 5 - Turning the Classroom over to Students


Liam McDermott, Kim House & Niko Lewman
Bavarian International School, Munich

Whole School – Teachers & Leadership 

We have been learning about creating a flipped classroom model in Grade 5 at Bavarian International School. Participants will have greater understanding of the act of flipping the classroom and putting students in charge of their learning, helping them to develop independence, self-management skills and how to use ATLs as part of goal setting.

  • Learning about personalised learning Time to discuss plan possible models
  • Consults with and others about what has been effective in others school as well as our own
  • Coordinate with colleagues and peers about facilitating greater student ownership

Feedback Fast and Furious

Duncan McEachern
American School of Paris

Middle & Upper School 

Gaining experience and understanding in how AI and other tools can assist in providing timely feedback.

Teachers will be able to use an AI tool to create quick rubrics and provide quick feedback on formative assessments.

Implementing Tomorrow's Tech: Practical Tools Aligned with ISTE Standards

Jamie Stark
Frankfurt International School

Whole School

Participants will gain knowledge about a diverse range of digital tools and resources that enhance teaching and learning experiences. Attendees will develop an understanding of how these tools and resources align with the ISTE standards for students and educators, facilitating better integration into their educational practices. 

Participants will learn through real-world examples how various digital tools have been effectively utilized in educational settings. Attendees will actively participate in discussions, sharing their insights and experiences, and engage in voting on the most impactful edtech tools.

The session aims to equip educators with new ideas and tools to implement in their classrooms, enhancing their teaching methodologies and expand their EdTech Toolkits.

Deepening Conversations with Desmos Activity Builder

Lesley Yeo  
American School in London

Upper ES and MS

This session is designed to be an introduction to Desmos Classroom’s Activity Builder. While the focus will be on math activities, the free tools that Activity Builder offers can be used in a range of subjects. Through a guided exploration of interactive teaching tools and sample activities, participants will learn about how to engage students in rich activities, promote risk-taking and play, and support students’ conversations. Participants will also learn how to find activities that are ready to go or use existing activities as stepping stones to build their own lessons.