Extended Sessions Europe 2024

Choose one session per Conference Day:

Friday Extended Session Deep Dive of 3hrs in two parts

Saturday Extended Session in a Nutshell 1hr

TechTales: Unleashing AI for Engaging Education

Whole School


Stories have the power to change us. Come dive deeply into the transformative power of storytelling in education, emphasizing the importance of connecting learning to real-world experiences. Participants will learn how to use AI tools, including ChatGPT, to develop compelling narratives and integrate them effectively into their teaching practices to foster engagement, understanding, and application of concepts. Part of the session will involve teachers taking a lesson plan that they already use, and then use AI as a thought partner to enhance the lesson by integrating a story that elevates the engagement in an expressive and interactive way. The aim is to also explore strategies for overcoming challenges inherent in storytelling, such as reliability, validity, and bias. This session is practical and hands-on with the aim of teachers walking away with something they can implement stright away!


Michal Valente

Benjamin Franklin International School, Barcelona, Spain
Science Learning Leader, and IB DP and MYP Science Teacher

Leveraging Inclusive Frameworks to Empower Agency in the Classroom

Whole School

This workshop will focus on educational approaches designed to empower students by providing a flexible and inclusive learning environment that accommodates diverse learning preferences and levels. Components we will explore include self-paced learning, blended learning modalities, and adaptive content delivery to ensure each student has agency in their education. Participants will engage themselves as learners in these frameworks and have the opportunity to design learning experiences for their individual contexts.


Victoria Rojas

International School of Zug and Lucerne
HS Humanities Teacher

Gitane Reveilleau

American International School Bucharest
School-wide Digital Learning & Media Coordinator

People-Powered Strategy: Reimagining Problems of Practice Through Human-Centered Design

Highschool - Curriculum Leaders - Tech Coaches - Integrators - School Leaders


Discover the power of Human-Centered Design (HCD) in educational systems. This session explores how HCD, a strategy widely utilized in corporate settings, is transforming K-12 education by focusing on human needs and behaviors at the core of our schools. Learn about its collaborative and iterative process, which involves educators, students, and stakeholders in action-oriented decision-making. Understand how HCD facilitates equitable solutions, especially for those typically less involved — such as introverts, students with learning disabilities, support staff or substitute teachers— bringing to light unique perspectives that contribute to more holistic solutions. Additionally, we’ll delve into the ever-evolving potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in optimizing this iterative process. Discover how GenAI can enhance HCD by providing advanced data-driven insights, accelerating the design cycle, and offering innovative solutions to complex educational challenges. Ideal for educators and school leaders, this session offers tools for creative problem-solving and innovation, equipping participants to effect positive change in their educational environments. Join us on this compelling journey into the future of education.


Turning Classrooms into Learning Labs

Whole School

Reyna Lazarou

American School of Warsaw
Learning Coach (K-12)

Coding, Computational Thinking, and Design Across the Curriculum: Uncovering the Why, How, and Where

Whole School

Ronald Schildge

American School of Paris
Upper School Innovation & Design