“Thank you so much Learning2 for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts on education and student agency”
Carina, Student Presenter at ASIJ, Learning2 Asia 2018

It was an honor and a wonderful opportunity for ASP to host this conference. The nature of this initiative, its rigorous focus on practising teachers and sharing of current expertise makes it an easier event as it slips more seamlessly into the work of a school. The good relationships and informal but very well-organized approach also contributes to the overall positive organizing experience. And of course the involvement of the voices of students is very powerful.” Jane Thompson ASParis Host Learning2 Europe 2024

“Host schools have the privilege to see and be part of the development of L2 presenter talks and sessions. The learning curve and powerful PD becomes visible. The time and effort put into planning, crafting and developing ideas and transforming it all into sessions is phenomenal” Mark Dillworth, Zurich International School, Co-Host School Learning2 Europe 2019

“I found the whole experience extremely professionally rewarding and was very happy to be a part of  Learning2 Europe 2019. This was in fact my first L2 and I was very impressed.”
Chris Vincent, ISZL Co-Host

“L2 is a unique, kind of magical feeling”
Tico Oms, Learning2 Leader Asia 2017

Wow 3days of Learning2 over in a blink of an eye, so much learning, collaborating, and opportunity to understand our mutual stories as educators. Can’t wait to do it all again next year”
Patrick Holt, Participant Learning2 Asia 2018

The most amazing professional learning experience that I can remember for a very long time.It reminded me that facilitating professional learning is not just about creating the space for participants to learn from you and from each other, but that you can learn a lot from listening to the rich conversations that they engage in.
Dave Curren, Learning2 Leader Europe 2024

A great weekend of learning, connecting, meeting online friends and just being in the moment. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience” Participant 

 “Very high learning opportunities were provided! Well done! Inspiring. Engaging. Fun” Participant

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