Application Details for Hosting Learning2

  • Have you thought about your organisational team and a lead person? Will you be able to involve nearby schools, for example with student engagement? Does your school or your coordinators have experience with Learning2? Please make sure your administration and/or board are aware of this application. 
  • Conference sizes range from region to region. Typically, the L2Asia conference is between 180-250 participants. In Europe the typical size is approximately 120 to 180 participants. What is the maximum number of participants that your school could comfortably host?
  • Please outline the type of facilities, including theatre-style space for daily opening/closing sessions, that are available at your school in order to support the number of projected participants. What A/V facilities do you have? Do you have maker spaces? What other facilities do you have that we might be able to work into the conference or showcase?
  • Please provide information regarding logistical support including transport, accommodation, catering and facilities. The approximate cost of hotels and transport would be helpful.
  • A Learning2 Conference typically runs over 2 days at the end of a school week, Friday and Saturday. Please give an indication of the possible dates to host Learning2. L2Asia is generally held sometime between October – November; L2Europe is generally held around March – April. It is encouraged that you will calendar a non-contact day for the weekday (Friday) for the campus or parts of,  to ensure that facilities are available and that an agreed number of teachers can attend from the host school in addition to those on the organising committee.
  • A PreConference day may be offered on Thursday. We basically need to know approximately how many rooms might be available for PreCon (these are on Thursday while school is in session, usually about 4-8 and approximately the room sizes (as in how many people can we comfortably fit into the room). We also need workspaces/training spaces for the L2 Team while the school is in session.
  • Please describe how the technology infrastructure will support an event for the projected number of participants with multiple devices, as well as a description of your technical support prior to and throughout the conference, for example, recording and uploading L2Talks, increasing Internet bandwidth if required, balancing wireless access, and use of school technical support team.

  • The marketing of the conference can vary from region to region. It is essential that the hosting school partners with Learning2 in the marketing of the event as local/regional knowledge is key to its success. It is also desirable to seek sponsorship opportunities to help support the budget, for example, parent/teacher associations, regional organisations, and parent bodies. Please outline any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities that may be available to support the conference. Learning2 has a sponsorship guide which will be the outline for any large sponsorship agreements.

    Applications should be sent to  and by November 1st, 2023