Madeleine Brookes

Originally from England, I’m based at the Western Academy of Beijing where I’ve been since 2008. I’m the high school educational technology specialist and my primary focus is to work alongside classroom teachers to promote innovative pedagogical practices, brought about by the affordances of new technologies. I am currently piloting an exciting new program focusing on a self-directed learning program for some of our senior students.
I’ve been a global educator for almost twenty-five years, mostly in international schools in Asia. I’ve taught at many levels in schools from Grade 1 through to Grade 12, although I have to say that I most enjoy the challenge of the upper teens as they transform into young adults. Prior to teaching, I was a programmer and marketer in the computer industry and I’m so excited to see coding making a big comeback in schools with all the STEAM initiatives. I am always learning, informally through social media channels and formally through my current MEd studies in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation.
As the Executive Director of Learning2, I am honoured to have the privilege of working with this fabulous team of talented and inspirational educators.