Digital Badges

For the first time, this year’s Learning2 event will be awarding digital badges to attendees.

We will use the OpenBadges platform created by the Mozilla Foundation.

Recognition is one of the biggest motivators for people.  Being singled out for excellence among your peers is incredibly motivating.  For many years, badges, pins, medals, plaques and other pieces of paper have been given to people to recognize their achievements.

However, it is hard to share this recognition with others in a virtual way. Especially on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or other social networks

Thanks to the Mozilla Foundation, we have a better better way: Digital Badges!

Why Use Digital Badges?

  • Enables the ability to quickly send out awards to large groups of people.  For example, 400 individuals who attended a Learning2 conference together.  Allows for scale.
  • Recipients can keep the badge for a lifetime by storing it in their digital backpack
  • Recipients can chose to display their badge on the website, resume, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, etc.
  • Digital Badges contain “meta” data that links back to the awarding institution.  For example, if I picked up a digital badge from my local university for Python programming, I could display the badge on my resume or social networks.  The “meta” data allows a potential employer to verify that I did, indeed, fulfill the requirements to earn that particular badge.

Questions or comments on the badge process are welcome. Email Clint Hamada.

Getting Started

Follow these tutorials to enjoy the digital badging experience

Visual Explanations