09:15 – 10:00

Opening Plenary & L2 Talks

15:35 – 16:10

Student Workshop 1st  Rotation (35mins)

16:15 – 16:50

Student Workshop 2nd Rotation (35mins)

17:00 – 17:30

Plenary & L2 Talks

Student Workshops

specific times for each workshop will be visible on Whova event schedule

Student Input for Enhanced Learning

Presented by: Emina 

Brief Description

Both teachers and students differ greatly in their styles, strategies, and attitudes toward learning. In this workshop, we will delve into how fostering open, respectful student-teacher relationships is the key to improved learning. The importance, research, and real-life experiences behind this will be explored. Topics covered will include learning names (the right way!), respecting pronouns, receiving constructive feedback around learning activities, and more. Through this workshop, we aim to advocate for safer and more welcoming environments in order to create more meaningful, healthy, and effective learning.

Target audience 

General audience

Workshop outcomes

  • Teachers will have a better understanding of how student-teacher relationships impact learning and what part they can play in improving them.
  • Teachers will be inspired to create realistic opportunities for student voice and choice.
We Learn To Share - Creating a Collaborative Space

Presented by: Julie & Yeeun 

Sharing is an important aspect of learning. As individuals share, it not only helps others but also benefits individuals. Through the process of communicating and explaining knowledge, students enhance understanding as they review and consolidate their understanding of the material. Students can also identify gaps that they need to further clarify and gain collective knowledge by putting their ideas together. The job of teachers is to encourage students to share their learning with others. The website ‘Click Up’ would be a good fit for this! 

Target Audience

  • Teachers who are interested in helping students grow as a learner and strengthen their knowledge 

Workshop Outcome 

  • Teachers would learn the basics of using ‘Click Up’ and how they can use it to help students
The Code Red Project

Presented by Ayaka, Kashvi, Monie & Julia 

Come join this student-led presentation from the Club Officers of “HER Period Dignity,” a student-led club at International School Bangkok whose goal is to destigmatize periods and normalize conversations around menstruation. Their primary achievement was the “Code Red Project,” which included the implementation of menstrual products in female bathrooms. Learn how a group of students have collaborated with divisional administration to ensure free period products are available in student bathrooms and how they have spread advocacy and awareness on the role that periods play in the average menstruator’s life. 

Target Audience
General audience (high school and middle school, emphasis on high school) 

Workshop Outcome 

  • Teachers are inspired to incorporate similar projects in their own schools, promoting menstrual advocacy 
  • Inspire admin to implement free period products in school bathrooms  


Eco-lution: the Eco-solution

Presented by: Zara, Humna, Rumaisa, Aidan & Camille 

The Eco-lution Club strives to move away from single-use plastic and minimize waste. We work with the TerraCycle organization to keep the sea plastic-free by promoting attitude and behavioural changes through raising awareness about plastic pollution and encouraging the use of eco-friendly products made from upcycled materials. In close partnership with local communities, we focus on waste prevention, collection and recycling solutions to help regions of Thailand that are suffering from heavily polluted waterways. 

In Eco-lution, we try to raise awareness about the war we are waging on the animal life in our oceans. Our waters are becoming more and more polluted because of humanity. We are looking for people who are willing to make a change and to save the lives of our sea life. 

Target audience

Changemakers, teachers, advisors. 

Workshop outcomes

After this workshop, the audience will leave with a better understanding of how our student-led club contributes to not only reducing single-use plastic waste but also raising initiative, awareness, and thoughtfulness amongst ISB students. The audience will, therefore, be able to apply our strategies and initiatives to their own community to do the same. 


Presented by: Ella & Nathan 

Gamification is an approach to teaching that helps give students autonomy, mastery and purpose by engaging through healthy and fun competition providing additional incentivisation. Through gamification, students are encouraged to be proactive about their own learning through the establishment of a rewards system. This method of reframing lessons helps to foster an enjoyable and exciting classroom environment for students. Within this workshop, we would like to further explore the power of gamification as a transformative learning tool, and provide ways for teachers to implement this system within their daily classes.

Target Audience:

Teachers, any class


The Importance of Good Political Education

Presented by: Florent, Brady & Nanaka

A discussion on ways social studies and humanities teachers can provide a good education to students on the basics of politics. This would be on their philosophical basis and on current-day events. 

Target Audience

Recommended for social studies teachers. 

Workshop Outcomes

This would give ideas to teachers on how to provide a better understanding for students to understand politics. It would allow them to teach politics in a less biased manner.

We all find it important that students have a well-thought-out political education as it will allow them to have a better understanding of the world and be able to better participate in the political system when they grow older.

L2 Talks during Plenaries

Stuttering, Slow Processing, and Quietness in the Classroom by Katja
ChatGPT and AI in the Classroom by Kekoa
EAL-friendly program by Haha
Gamification by Ella & Nathan