Airport Information:

There are two airports serving Bangkok and the surrounding areas:

If you have the choice of an airport, use Don Muang as it is closer to the hotel and school. 

  • Don Muang International Airport is about 25 minutes from International School Bangkok (ISB) and is used most often for inter-Asia travel. A cab from Don Muang airport to the hotel should take about 20 – 30 minutes and run about 200 – 300 Thai Baht. Don Muang Airport
  • Suvarnabhumi International airport is the larger of the two airports and about 45 – 60 minutes from ISB. A cab from Suvarnabhumi airport to the hotel should cost about 300 – 400 Thai Baht depending upon your arrival times. You also need to pay for tollways. New Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi)
  • Bangkok is still a cash city, however, you can use credit cards at major restaurants, hotels and shops.The smaller shops, restaurants and vendors require cash. 
  • The local currency is Thai Baht. The current exchange rate is about 33-34 THB to $1 US.
  • You can get cash from an ATM at the airport, near the hotel or at the school. 

  • In downtown Bangkok hotels and restaurants you will be given bottled water for drinking. It is ok to use the tap water to brush teeth and even to make coffee in your hotel and it is okay to have ice in your drinks. If you are in a more off the beaten path restaurant, perhaps avoid the ice. Linked here are some restaurant and relaxation recommendations.
  • Central Mall is close to your hotel and has food and entertainment options. There are a couple of restaurants close to the hotel as well. 
  • The street food is incredible and so cheap. The rule of thumb is to eat the food that you can take away (grilled meat or grilled veggies on a stick). Stay away from street food where you are using a reusable bowl and utensils because they don’t have a clean water source to wash the used dishes. 
  • Please let us know if you have any important food allergies. We will write a note for you in Thai that you can show at restaurants to aid your ordering. 
  • Most restaurants (except for the fancier ones) bring out the food when the individual dish is ready without waiting for all of the guests’ dishes to be ready. That could mean that 5 of the 6 meals have been delivered but the 6th one seems to never show up. The 6th dish will come – sometimes after a gentle reminder or sometimes just later. 
Passports and Visa Requirements:
  • When you check in at hotels in Asia they will ask for your passport and they make copies. Some hotels want to keep the passport but I never agree to that.
  • Keep your passport either with you during the day or locked in your hotel safe (your choice) but keep a copy in your wallet/purse if you choose not to keep it on you. I never carry my passport – then it can’t be taken away from me but I do carry a copy.
  • In addition to your passport, consider making a copy of your itinerary to include your hotel contact info. and put that at the top of your luggage where it is visible. Include contact information for ISB and for Khun Joom. In a country where there is a language barrier it helps to have that extra step as a back up. 
  • Tourism Thailand
  • For more Thailand visa information, visit
  • Thailand Travel Restrictions for 2023
  • Bangkok will be warm which means the air conditioners will be in full use. Please be sure to bring sweaters and/or a wrap to help you manage the changing temperatures and deal with the cool indoor temperatures. In some of the larger rooms we don’t have easy control of the air conditioning so please come prepared. 
  • ISB has water stations around the school to fill reusable water bottles. In an effort to be more sustainable, we would like to reduce the waste from plastic cups and ask that you bring a reusable water bottle and/or cup. 
  • Please have breakfast before arriving at the conference
  • There are ATM’s in the main cafeteria on campus that accept a variety of bank cards. You will receive Thai Baht from these bank machines. 
  • Linked here are some restaurant and relaxation recommendations. Bangkok is a veritable foodie heaven, so this list can just get you started. 

Daily transportation will be offered between the Conference Hotel and International School Bangkok

Please consult the WHOVA Conference App for details

Conference Hotel:

Wanda Grand Hotel

111 M.4 Chaengwattana Road, Klongklua,
Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120
Tel.: +66 2582 8282
Fax.: +66 2 582 8408

International School Bangkok:

Directions to ISB (directions in Thai and English)

39/7 Soi Nichada Thani,
Samakee Road, Pakkret,
Nonthaburi 11120

39/7 ซอยนิชดาธานี ถนนสามัคคี
ปากเกร็ด, นนทบุรี 11120

Thai Culture:
  • Thai people are very calm, caring and generous. You will not hear loud voices or shouting in public. There isn’t any kind of road rage or tensions between merchants and customers. Be respectful, patient and kind and things will be much easier for you. 
  • There is an important need to never be humiliated or embarrassed publicly (saving face) so that drives how interactions turn out. 

A few Thai phrases that will go a long way (the spelling may be wrong or is phonetic). Say them with a smile and you will fit right in:

  • Hello
    Sawadee Kha (female)
    Sawadee Krob (male)
  • Thank you
    Khob Khun Kha (female)
    Khob Khun Krob (male)
  • I don’t understand
    Mai kow jai
  • Sorry/ Excuse Me
    Khaw Thoat Kha (female)
    Khaw Thoat Krob (male)

  •  Thai people use their nicknames instead of their formal Thai names. And, they put the word “Khun” in front of the nickname as a sign of respect.