Application to Host Learning2

Hosting Learning2

“Hosting a L2 conference builds a sense of community in your school. Everyone pulls together to showcase the school and learning that is happening  there.”
Saigon South International School, 2016.

Learning2 ( is a technology and learning conference aimed at educators from international schools.

The ethos and founding principles of Learning2 are:

  • Create a conference experience that puts the participant first
  • Understand that learning is a social act and make social a key part of the conference
  • Create a conference that continues to change with the needs of participants
  • Create a conference experience that is new, fresh, and pushing the ideas of what a conference should be.
  • Create a conference that is ever changing, takes risks, and uses technologies appropriately in the learning process.

The main requirements of the hosting school are:

  1. Calendaring a non-contact day to ensure that facilities are available and that an agreed number of teachers can attend from the host school (as paid attendees) in addition to those on the organising committee.
  2. Appointment of school coordinator and organisation team from within school faculty/administration to work closely with the Learning2 Global Team.
  3. Providing facilities, including support staff (overtime costs are budgeted by the conference).
  4. Providing logistical support including transport, food and facilities.
  5. Ensuring that the school facilities required for the successful hosting of the conference are available for the duration of the conference. The school should not host any other events that could impact the Learning2 conference.
  6. Actively market and promote the conference.
  7. Configuring the technology infrastructure and provide technical support prior and throughout the conference, for example, hosting website (if required), increasing bandwidth if possible, balancing wireless access, and use of school technical support team.
  8. Advise on additional insurance requirements (if required).
  9. Prepare and maintain local expenditure budget with guidance and in concert with Learning2. Please note that all purchasing must be pre-approved by Learning2.
  10. For Europe we are usually looking at a date in March/ April. For Asia we are usually looking for a date in October/ November.

Schools a number of a significant advantages to their school by host Learning2 that include:

  • Leadership Opportunities
    The preparation and planning provides opportunities for leadership roles for faculty members.
  • Community Building
    Team members expand and develop their professional learning network through online meetings, working with presenters and the Learning2 team.
  • Targeted Professional Development
    The school team works in partnership with the Learning2 Global team to build an authentic professional learning experience that is relevant to their school needs through the co-construction of the theme. The school is able to send a large number of participants to the conference and doing this without incurring additional fees for traveling and hotel costs.
  • Spotlight on the school
    With the spotlight on the school, there are opportunities for recruitment; the participants have the opportunity to learn about the school and the potential applicants can be interviewed informally.
  • Post Conference Impact
    Schools have reported the high level of interest in implementing ideas from the conference.

Apply to Host Learning2 at Your School!

As you begin the application process, the items below are of primary importance. Please review each item with your school team and note any questions you may have, then please contact the L2Team through Simon May ( to set up an initial conversation.

  1. How will your school ensure that the founding principles are maintained throughout the planning and implementation of the conference?
  2. Please share your plans for the make up of your organizing team. For example, who will be the school coordinator be? How will you involve nearby international schools?
  3. Conference sizes range from region to region. Typically, the L2Asia conference is between 350 – 450 participants. In Europe the typical size is approximately 150 to 200 participants. What is the maximum number of participants that your school could comfortably host?
  4. Please describe the facilities, including theatre-style space for daily opening/closing sessions, that are available at your school in order to support the number of projected participants, including support staff (overtime costs are budgeted by the conference).
  5. Please provide information regarding logistical support including transport, accommodation, catering and facilities.
  6. A Learning2 Conference typically runs over 2.5 days at the end of a school week, for example in Africa and Asia, it would be Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday. Please give an indication of the possible dates to host Learning2 (including the year). L2Asia is generally held sometime between October – November; L2Europe is generally held around April. It is essential that as part of your application, you confirm that you will calendar a non-contact day for the weekday to ensure that facilities are available and that an agreed number of teachers can attend from the host school in addition to those on the organising committee.
  7. The PreConference is run on the first day with the conference opening in the evening. Please outline facilities/spaces that you could make available for PreConference workshops in addition to workspaces/training spaces for the L2 Team while the school is in session.
  8. Please describe how the technology infrastructure will support an event for the projected number of participants with multiple devices, as well as a description of your technical support prior and throughout the conference, for example, recording and uploading L2Talks, increasing Internet bandwidth if required, balancing wireless access, and use of school technical support team.
  9. The marketing of the conference can vary from region to region. It is essential that the hosting school partners Learning2 in marketing of the event as the local/regional knowledge is key to the success. It is also desirable to seek sponsorship opportunities to help support the budget, for example, parent/teacher associations, regional organisations, parent body. Please outline any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities that may be available to support the conference.
“Hosting L2 had a tremendously positive impact on our school. it provided a focus for our efforts, it unified our thinking, and in the end it improved the learning provision for our students. Organising a conference the size of L2 is no easy task and we could not have done it successfully without the support from the L2 Executive committee. In the months leading up to the event our staff were engrossed in the project and this shared goal helped to anchor our attention and developed genuine esprit de corps. During the struggles and challenges our staff morale and spirits had never been higher. The conversations at L2 are always rich and challenging and for us as the host school they continued on long after the event had ended. This led to a refinement of thought and we saw many meaningful changes to our practice and ultimately improvements in our students’ learning across the school. Weighing the costs against the impact … would host it again in a heartbeat.”
James Dalziel Ed.D.
United World College of South East Asia
“Hosting L2 here at our school helped “put us on the map” for technology in Africa as well. We hired one person at the conference, and a couple of others later who applied to us because they knew we had hosted. It can be a big boost for a community in many ways.”
Jim Laney, ICS Addis Ababa