Welcome to #Learning2PD!

This is our first of a series of #Learning2PD

We want to bring the Learning2 mindset to your school, home, or well–wherever you are with 20 minutes of time to view, think and question.

What do I need?

  1. Access to this post
  2. At least one colleague willing to chat
  3. 20 minutes


Meet Madeleine Brooks, long-time Learning2 Leader and inspiration to many. Kick back, relax, and enjoy her talk from Learning2 Asia 2016:

Let’s chat:

1. To what extent does your school embrace self-directed learning BEST?

2. Which students in your context would benefit from a program like the one described here?

3. Aside from communication and collaboration which skills are essential in a self-directed learning environment?

Share your thoughts, questions, and ponderings with us in the comment section!